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Just Brittany “Album Release Party” Winners Lounge

Just BrittnayI

It was so hilarious I was walking on stage to get a photo with “Just Brittany” and she told me I need to tell   those people excuse me. I was like OMG  did “Just Brittany” “Just Read Me but, no one was in my way .”

December 27th at the Winners Lounge in Port Arthur, TX “Just Brittany” came out and promoted her new album “Something Different.”  The Rapper/Singer formerly signed with Birdman “Cash Money Record Label” with artistic like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Drake is now an independent artistic but, she still got it. You can follow her on Facebook to keep up with tour dates.


If you haven’t got her latest album you can download it on Itunes today. The song I like is “Never Gonna Get it.”


Game Changer “I Made the Decision”

I asked myself “what is the thing that I like doing the most” like all the self help career books ask.” I said well I like doing a lot of things shopping, dinning out, spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, and ect. Then I I thought to myself I must dig deeper. What do I want to do for a career because, I have to get one before I lose my ambition and accept a job I don’t enjoy like most people do because, they have bills. So, I began to brainstorm about what do I want to do.  I said well I like reading, writing, telling stories, social media, bring attention to worthy causes,  looking fabulous, engaging an audience, photography, and events.   A little light bulb went and a career in the media industry appeared in my brain.