Black President Assassinated

The Haitian President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in Port-Au-Prince while home with his family survived by his wife and daughter. According to reports the President Jose Moise was ambushed by a group of men claiming to be with the United States DEA “Drug Enforcement Administration.” He was shot execution style and the reason is because of internal political conflict about the term limit for a President in the country.

Sources are also saying that the assisantors spoke spanish and two are them Naturalized American Citizens. Many people are speculating that this was an inside job.

Why does this matter to the Black Diaspora

Hatti is the first county in “The Americas” with a high population of native Africans to fight against slavery and racism. It was also the first Black country to gain liberation from the oppression of the Europeans. The Europeans and French colonized the island with African slaves and that’s how Hatti became a Black country.

I will keep you informed and update on what’s going in with Hatti