Love Found Me

So I only been praying for a nice good decent guy who could at least be honest with me. What do you know I am in a car dealership and the sells ladies ask me “am I looking for a man. Hmm that was an interesting question my response was ” I am sure am.”

I went in looking for a car but, I came out with an even bigger bargain.


So were sitting in an I-Hop chatting I am eating a chicken taco.  She said downloand the what’s up app I said okay. She is a very pushy  lady so I just went with the flow.

She said look at him what do you think  I said Woo-we  he will most definitely do but, let me fix my hair and make-up before we chat.

On a wam we just starting talking  it was like I was talking to a long lost friend. He was finishing my sentences we were laughing and talking into the early morning hours. I felt happy talking to his man could this be an sent by GOD or a distraction from the devil. At that point it really didn’t even matter I was just cool with conversation vibes.

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