“Yandy Smith” Vh1 Star The Woman Who Means Business

          The Women Empowerment Foundation 1st Annual Dinner was a success.  Of all the speakers my favorite speaker was Yandy from Love & Hip Hop New York. She gave business advice for women in the business world who are trying to build a successful business. Check Out some of the tips sheContinue reading ““Yandy Smith” Vh1 Star The Woman Who Means Business”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is Back and In Action

Real Housewives of Atlanta got so real at Cynthia Bailey Eye wear party. Ms Twirl The Kenya Moore and Sharie was going at it like two dogs fighting over a bone. Peter and Cynthia having martial problems I hope they work it. Kandi and Phadera was bumping heads and Kandi lays down they law. IContinue reading “The Real Housewives of Atlanta is Back and In Action”

Sex reassignment surgery

Changing your gender is no longer pseudo science it’s now a common reality. Since the former olympian  and Keeping UP With The Kardashians star “Bruce Jenner” became Caitlyn  he is  the fposter child for  advancement in the scientific medical community. Who would of believed that in this lifetime that a person could be born a maleContinue reading “Sex reassignment surgery”

Kim K “VS” Wendy Williams

So Kim K goes all the way left on the talk show host Wendy Williams via Twitter. Ms. Kardashian West was upset about Wendy accusing her of using a surrogate and not really being pregnant.  So why all of a sudden is Kyme getting so mad about rumors so upset that she went on a rantContinue reading “Kim K “VS” Wendy Williams”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in Southeast Texas

  Stevie J a Reality television star and former producer of Bad Boy Entertainment  who is now known for his role in  the popular VH1 Reality TV Show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” came to Southeast Texas. I saw him on a flyer for him doing an appearance at Club Rumba in Beaumont, TX and,Continue reading “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in Southeast Texas”