My Whitehouse Trip


So I went took a trip to the Whitehouse hoping that I could get to meet Barcka again and hopefully Michelle too. I was a big supporter of The Obama’s when they started there campaign ┬átrail almost 10 years. As senator he came to a community event and I got meet Barack that was one of the happiest moments in my life.

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It’s Not Always about Loyalty

For the most part I like routine I like going to the same stores, salons, and websites. I like to park my car in the same spot clean my house in the same way and talk to the same friends.

Well I always go to this same nail salon and the same lady does my nails and they come off in a week so I go back again get them done over and they come off again in a few days. So I was asking myself why do I come to this salon again and I thought I come to this salon because, this is where all my friends go.

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