Chief Sherwin a Texas Chief has the Foodie World Talking: What makes his food so good.

Chief Sherwin Dish

Sherwin is a Texas Chief whom as a foodie I stalk his social media page to see what he is cooking or grilling. Well so far all of his food gets 5 Star reviews. I loved the BBQ Brisket Sandwhiches I didn’t actually eat the sandwhich but, it looked like something that I wanted to eat.

I enjoy unique foods with interseting textures and flavors. I would love to try Chief Sherwin Rice Balls yum.

If you need someone to carter you next event hit up Chief Sherwin a chief who can fly out anywhere or for your locally events as well.


White Wedding Bridal Party in Las Vegas my second Wedding in The Yourba Tribe “Tobi and Tan Coming to America Wedding in The Bahmas, Mexico, or Turkey

I am so excited about the second wedding in the Youbra Tribe. I want to get married in Jamaica or The Bahmas my Dream Wedding is happening in about 6 months. I have just got back in the U.S.A. after staying in Africa for 1 year and living near the village.

Ms Black Beauty Studio

As a Youbra Bride I will always allow my husband to be the head of the household. I am a lady who is not going to give up on my soon to be husband because, his money get low. I will always love my honey Tobi Dollar he has fly me to Europe, Africa, Dubai, London, Paris, and Turkey.

I want everyone to know I love my African Chief Tobi he is a great man.

African Tribal Wedding


Until Death Does Them Apart “Greg & Nene” marriage is Over RIP “Greg” Prayers are needed for The Atlanta Housewife” Star :Nene Leaks

Greg went to be with the lord leaving the love of his life behind. Nene and Greg have been married since 1997 and have two children together the power couple shot to fame as the over night stars on Bravo highest rated show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

According to reports Greg cancer was cured and then it come back within some years and he lost his battle to cancer at 66 years old.

Now I wonder if Nene would come back to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta lord knows they need her Bravo is not my top network anymore. I think for them to fired the top star of the show was not a good move the franchise.

Nene was not only helping her husband fight cancer but, she always suing BRAVO for racisms and I think she is corrected. I’ve always thought “Andy Cohen” seem to be harder on the Black castmates and would let Kim the only white castmate getting away with saying “Racisms” doesn’t exist which a slap in the face to the Black audience.

Not only that Phadera Parks a lawyer in Atlanta and a star on the hit show was fired because, she repated a lie that was a rumor she heard about a castmate. Meanwhile Vicki Gunvalson from Housewives of Orange County I heard lied about having cancer on the show as well and she didn’t get fired she got more TV airtime. Once again the producers got it wrong Ms. Parks should of never lost her job.

Lastly please keep Nene in your prayers we need her stay strong. We love you Nene and wish you much success in your next career move.


Houston Female Rapper Megan Thee Stallion Domestic Abuse Survivor turn Grammy Winner “A Woman with Goals”

Megan is a Houston Rapper who is now a Grammy winner at the age of 25 years old she is also a college graduated from “Texas Southern University.” Known for her spicy lyrics and messages of women taking power of their lives Megan has always been driven for success.

When suffered a gunshot wound to the foot by a guy she was dating that was a turning point in her life. It seems that terrible situation helped her to give other women the strength to end abusive in their lives. Megan lost both of her parents and was so driven to success by her Mom & Dad. She made a vow that she would become one of the hardest working women in show business. She has worked with Beyonce, JayZ, Niki Manji, Carli B, Doja Cat, Taga, City Girls, and Young Easy top music stars in the hip hop.

Luckily the star had no life threating inquires just a broke heart, but she came out on top and is now at the top of the music charts. Check her out on Apple Itunes.


Maurice Faye “Love and Hip Atlanta Cast Reality TV Show

The “Wanna Be A Baller” on others people money “Maurice Faye” Arkansas Rapper is in the photo with Carli Red was once featured on Vh1 highest rated reality tv show.

The Love and Hip Series saga keep going on this drama filled showed created by Mona Scott Young has created more fakers then ever. I always wonder what they are going to do next. Is Stevie Jay still on the show and I also liked Lil Scrappy, Mama Dee, Josline, Yandy Smith, Ray J, and, Remey Ma, and Carli B. I love this show it like watching a “Train Wreck that stays on the track.”

Mr. Faye instead of trying to steal the money why don’t you work for it. I heard Mona pays her people well on “Love & Hip Hop.” “LOL”

U.S. Prosecutors Attorney Kurt R. Eskine said that Mo Faynce took money from bussinesses who did not make it after the COVD-19 shut down.

The rapper is 38 and if has has to do the whole 17 years he will be 55 years old when he get. I don’t think 17 years of your life is worth the 2.2 million dollars that he got for his trucking business.


1 Term Former Mayor of Port Arthur, TX Derrick Freeman 1st Cousin to UGK Rap Star Bun B “Next Chapter” Losing The election Run Off Re-Election to Pastor”Thurman Bartie”

Derrick Freeman who started off as a city councilmember in Port Arthur, TX home of the famous rapper Pimp C is a Port Arthur Native and graduated from Jefferson High School.

The public servant served his community with integrity and respect without any corruption during his term. The community turn on him during the Hurricane Harvey Crises in 2017 1 year after his was elected into office.

Voters in Port Arthur also know as nickname “Trill City” in the Oil & Gas town said that they felt that the Derrick the mayor during his first term jilted them during the most devastating time in their lives.

“What I think about Derrick losing to Bartie was a scapegoat for people who were angry about a storm destorying their homes.

Hurricane Harvey almost wiped Port Arthur, TX off the map and flooded Houston, Beaumont, Lake Charles, Lumberton, Vidor, Liberty, Nederland, and many other places in Texas. The Gulf Coast was declared a state of emergency for weeks and months for many people whom never able moved back into their homes.

Everyone in Port Arthur was flooded including the Mayor of Port Arthur “Derrick Freeman.” This is from NPR when Derrick did an interview about how he was handling the crises.

Port Arthur new Mayor “Thurman Bartie won The Run Off Election by a landslide. Many people in Port Arthur jump on the bandwagon with the Pastor. Bun B cousin Derrick Freeman is now a real estate investor with his mother Mrs. Freeman and has a team of employees. Derrick Freeman Mom is his top sells agent and her adverstiment can been send on Commerical Real Estate in the Eastside Port Arthur “I call it The Freeman Take Over”. “LOL” I really feel Derrick did good things for the city.

He is family man and has been married to his high school sweetheart and college sweetheart for 20 years.

I voted for Mr. Freeman during both elections because, I supported the good changes he brought to the community. Derrick and his team turned Port Arthur Downtown into a nice venue for people to enjoy the city.

When I did my news story in Port Arthur on slum building and the community reinvest act Mr. Freeman got a grant for people to build new homes. I got a $60,000 a grant from the city of Port Arthur as a first time home buyer with an FHA loan.

Derrick Freeman can now be seen in the community through his real estate company Freeman Real Estate.

We reached out to Mr. Freeman for his side of the story but, have not heard anything back. We know Mr. Freeman is a good man and we would be open to allowing him to defend his name and legacy in Port Arthur Texas.

Port Arthur Still Loves their Former Mayor “Derick Freeman” and Thank You for your service of getting rid of the ugly buldings in Port Arthur and making it a nice place to live.


First Black Woman Mayor in Texas Community Replaces Former Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames featured on Breakfast Club “Donkey of The Day”

This small community in Southeast Texas has it first Black Mayor after the city made national headlines due to their Mayor “Becky Ames” who was caught getting a pedicure during the Covd 19 lock down of 2020.

Mrs. Ames mayor of Beaumont for two terms very popluar in the community recived national critisms famslouly from the a top Ubran Radio Station #1 among milenals based in New York “The Breakfast Club.”

Charalame said “Becky” with the good hair was in the nail salon during a COVD-19 lock down. “LOL”

Lets vote do you think she has good har. I love “The Breakfast Club” my favorite host is Charmalme, then Angela Yee, and the other guy.

“I VOTE YES she is a “Becky with the good hair. LOL


Master P is Almost A Billion Dollar Man “The Boot” Native is now on The Oprah Winfrey Network

Master P who is also Perry Miller started his multi millon dollar forunate sellings his casstes tapes out the back of his trunk in Baton Rougue, LA. P recived an inhertance as the benefiary of his Father life insurance policy of $20,000 into a legacy for his family.

At the age of 15 Mr. Miller only dream was to live to see his 18th Birthday and that’s when he made a promise to his mother and grandmother to get the family out of poverty.

Almost 35 years later Master P is still a top force in the music industry, sports, prosperity, and business. We celebrate his business skills and his ability to change his life by taking chances on his own idea.

Thank You Master P for your courage to chase after you dreams you inspire us all. Check him out on The Oprah Winfrey channel which is still my favorite TV Network. Mrs. Oprah Winfrey has did a great job by giving him the platform to tell his story of overcoming poverty.


Black Public Servant who also an Texas Attorney Stand Up Against Racisms

Mr. Adwin Sammuel who is the owner of Aduwin and Son has been an outstanding person in the community for many years. He stands up for the rights of the unprivileged Black & Brown people as wells anyone in the community who needs help. Mr. Sammuel and his son Sean Sammuels represent Affluent Blacks in Texas as well people like “Sheriff Stephens” a PV Graduated the first Black elected Sheriff in the history of Jefferson County Criminal Justice System in the Southeast Texas community of Beaumont, TX about 100 miles outside of Houston, TX.

Mr Sammuels has been an outstanding man in the community and he is easy on the eye as well. This charming, virbant, Black Rights Supporter is a Thugood Marshal Graduate. He has been an public servant for more than 20 years with the City of Beaumont Texas as a Council Member for Ward 3. He started up in the community as a young lawyer in the 80’s creating the first “Black Family Adoption System” to help Black children who were caught up in the criminal justice system due to family issues.

Audwin and his son run a family law firm localy where they fight prejudice in the Southeast Texas. Most recently Mr. Sammuels was featured on KMBT 12 Beaumont, TX for helping get a local white doctor who open used the N-Word fired from his job.

Attorney Sammuels also protested the “Travin Martin Case” when the case that got national attention because, many called it American bigotry and prejudice system against a young Blacks boy with dreams of becoming NASA Astronaut in Florida.

That’s we are supporters of Attonrey Sammuels and all the good things that he does in the community. Thank You Mr. Sammuels for your services in Ward 3 in Beaumont, TX. We love you and all that you do.

Leader in the community

Mr. and Mrs. Sammuels Married for over 30 Years 4 children and 5 Great Grandchildren