1 Year Anniversary

It’s been officially 1 year since I flew across the globe to be with my online romance who turn out to truly be my soulmate. I remember the day when I booked the flight and the day I got on the plane. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. Flying 7,000 miles landing on two different continents and different zones made me feel like a zombie who wanted sleep.

The whole idea of doing that for someone you only talk to online seems dangerous or adventurous depending on you view it. However from the time our eyes met on the “What’s Up App it was something about this man that intrigue me. The more I talked to him the more he sparked my curiosity. I don’t know it was the whole culture thing my love for the African culture or his style. It could of possibly been the tattoo he got of me on his arm or the song he made for me on Itunes. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him that I would meet him in real life very soon.

When he gave me the money to book my flight I knew he was hooked on me as well. Most men that I know don’t normally break out cash for ladies they never meet. From out first conversation I said I want to get married and make some babies before it’s to late. He said he want that as well. With no time to waste or hesitation he got on one knee and said marry me and he mail me my ring through Amazon dot com. (lol) I thought it was cute and I agree the rest is history and now today I can say I am engaged to my best friend.

He promised to give me the world on a silver platter with us on a balcony of a beauty hotel overlooking a panoramic view of a beautiful blue water and tropical plants somewhere in Dubai, Africa or Europe. He has no idea him committing to only to me is all I need. I think love comes in mystery ways and it only appears when your are open to receive it. I had to lose a lot of things that I loved for my heart to open up to the possibility of the beauty that others truly bring into your life. With that being said I am glad I found my forever man and this is truly until death does apart and for better or worse. I love you Tobi Dollar


The Empire

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You probably can’t turn on the television or surf the web without hearing about the new drama series on the FOX network Empire.

Well I tuned into one show accidentally and I couldn’t turn the channel. The star of the show Taraji P Henson show known for her roles in “Baby Boy”, “Hustle and Flow” and the recent box office hit “No Good Deed” is playing the role of a lifetime as the ex-wife of a music mogul.

“Cookie” the character she plays is  over the top hip hop mom snap your finger head shaking bold personality have people tuning in every week waiting to see what she does next. FOX created a hit with this show Lee Daniels did his thing when producing this show. I’m official a fan.

If you want to know what the fuss is about tune into to the Empire every Wednesday at 8:00 pm. Leave your comments and let me know what you you about the show.

Thank You FOX for making me love TV again.

If you want to know more about the show check out the website link.


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Black President Assassinated

The Haitian President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in Port-Au-Prince while home with his family survived by his wife and daughter. According to reports the President Jose Moise was ambushed by a group of men claiming to be with the United States DEA “Drug Enforcement Administration.” He was shot execution style and the reason is because of internal political conflict about the term limit for a President in the country.

Sources are also saying that the assisantors spoke spanish and two are them Naturalized American Citizens. Many people are speculating that this was an inside job.

Why does this matter to the Black Diaspora

Hatti is the first county in “The Americas” with a high population of native Africans to fight against slavery and racism. It was also the first Black country to gain liberation from the oppression of the Europeans. The Europeans and French colonized the island with African slaves and that’s how Hatti became a Black country.

I will keep you informed and update on what’s going in with Hatti

Juneteenth Officially A Federal Holiday

Juneteenth is A Federal Holiday “What Does that mean for Black People in America

President Joe Biden has officially made Juneteenth a Federal Holiday which is showing the United States as a nation is beginning to acknowledge it’s sketchy past. As a native Texan I didn’t heard about Juneteenth until I was a teenager and heard my maternal grandmother talking about her yearly Juneteenth festive.

Flashback to the hot summer of June 19, 1865 one hundred and fifty-six years ago the slaves in Texas finally receive the message they were legally free after 2 and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation of 1865.

Have you heard the saying “Don’t Killer the Messenger” well this is literally what was happening to Black Africans enslaved in Texan after the “American Civil War” every soldier sent by federal government was murder.

Finally a man they couldn’t kill “Gordon Granger” a Union Soldier delivered the message in Galveston, Texas June 19, 1865 saying that all the people were free. The United States recognizing it’s inhuman past could be a move in the right direction which is the descendants of the US Africans slaves receiving reparations.

Happy Juneteenth

Living In West Africa “As A Black American”

The gigantic change in my life was leaving the USA and the job I had for half a decade and living in West Africa. As a Black American living in the Black Mecca it was a culture shock. I had always wanted to live in Africa because, it is the place of my ancestors origins. Moving helped me to realized that my life was not as fulfilling as I liked it to be and what I was missing was the little treasures in life like happy smiling people. This new environment created a new mindset for me which helped to gain more fulfillment and purpose out of life. This new fulfillment made me feel more valued, highly respected, and more memorizing to people all because, I followed my dream to live in Africa with my sweetheart.

The ride to the village was about 8 hours from where we were living. I got car sick with nausea on the village journey but, I survived and I was happy to meet my African family who is actually my significant other Tobi biological family. I met his grandmother for the first time and I was very happy to see a genuine authentic elderly 94 year old African lady the first wife to Tobi grandfather alive and still well. I learned a lot from Tobi family they welcomed me with open arms into my new role as Olori.

The first thing I would like to say is living in a different country help me to get a happier outlook on life. I was stuck in a dead end job feeling like I was going no where in life. In the United States I felt like the average joe working and trying to stay ahead of the curb in life and always feeling like the hamster running on a spinning wheel. Then I moved to the motherland and I found out what really matters in life and that is being happy and enjoying each day you have to live.

The West Africans treated me so well I Thank God that they came into my life they taught me so much about myself and helped me to discover a new path in life which is always never forgetting that the small things in life give you the most beauty. I felt so honored and privilege to have people who were happy to see me and people who appreciated me as a Black American coming to their country. This gave me strength to know that I made the correct choice of leaving my old life behind. I feel like a new woman.

Life After Covd-19 “A New World”

Tangela Stephens

Hello to all of my family, friends, and fans. I missed everyone it has officially been years since I created a blog post. However if you really like my lifestyle stories you can follow me on Facebook. I know telling people to follow you on social media seems so cliche but, it is the the truth. I found out more about people lives on social media than in real life situations. Flashforward to 2021 and I would like to tell you about my new path I decided to take in life. I feel like COVD created a new way for me to think and live.

So when the Covd-19 first hit in March 0f 2020 I had already had a plan to make a gigantic change in my life. My plans were put on hold for a few months but, I overcame it I was determined not to let a…

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Life After Covd-19 “A New World”

Hello to all of my family, friends, and fans. I missed everyone it has officially been years since I created a blog post. However if you really like my lifestyle stories you can follow me on Facebook. I know telling people to follow you on social media seems so cliche but, it is the the truth. I found out more about people lives on social media than in real life situations. Flashforward to 2021 and I would like to tell you about my new path I decided to take in life. I feel like COVD created a new way for me to think and live.

So when the Covd-19 first hit in March 0f 2020 I had already had a plan to make a gigantic change in my life. My plans were put on hold for a few months but, I overcame it I was determined not to let a virus destroy my life. After 5 years at my day job I knew it was time to go because, I was always fearful of what was lurking so I took the leap of faith and I am happy I did. My life was not fulfilling to me so I made the change and move aboard. That journey helped me to find a new way of viewing life and I am forever happy for that. So be looking out for my next blog so I can tell you about my new awakening.

Working From Home In Paradise

Every since I have been a teenager I have always thought about moving to anther country and living abroad. I notice forgein exchange students coming to USA and it made me ponder on what it would be like to live in a place like China, Mexico, or The United Kingdom. Well with the conorovirus going on I read some where on an online article that Americans can get a 12 month work resdince in anther country if you work from home.

So I am thinking about working from home and going to live on a beautiful island. It would be so magical to me to wake up in the morning having my morning latte while gazing at miles of clear blue waters and white sand. I can hear the waves in my mind crashing on shore. I could do my morning walk and evening walk along the shore of dolphins swimming and sea creators hibernating.

I could grill fish on the beach and have a great time soaking up the sun while drinking smoothies. I would not have to drive to work or figure out what to wear the next day. No office drama or a boss watching me like I am incompetent.

I am praying that my dream life will come true me living on a fancy island in a nice condo on the beach.

Graduation: I am a College Graduate

I never thought about going to college it was something I thought smart people did with that being said it was a long journey for but, I was determined to finish. That wasn’t to insult me own intelligence but, I was an average student I did just enough to get by. I didn’t have anyone pushing me to be a wiz kid. (LOL) I just saw myself as an okay student. Then my senior year I deiced to test myself and see what I really just average on did I need to apply myself more. Well at the end of that experience I mad the A & B honor roll so that was my motivation to attempt high education.

At the age of 17 after that experience I became a bright eyed young lady and felt that I could accomplish anything so I went to a good university. I had a dream of becoming a psychologist. My goal was to study psychology so I could cure all the nuts in my family. (LOL Just Kidding) I starting doing extremely well and then I let people get into my head. Then they tiny bit of confidence I had to believe in myself with down to zero so I began to question myself and my abilities.

So I began to switch major change schools and I found myself 5 years in the game of going and quiting and still not close to acheving my dream of becoming a college graduate.

Then I came to a point in my life where I put on my big girl britches and said I will do it and I can do it. I took on a second job to pay off my previous balances it took me a year and I felt like I was still getting no where.

After that anther blow came and the school told me I didn’t qualified for financial aide. It was no way I could afford tuition and the other basic necessities of life.

However, I did not let that stop me I enrolled anyway. The day before my payment was due I called my former employer and told them about my situation and asked if I could come back to work for them. My old boss said they went out bussiness and sorry they couldn’t help me. I was devastated and I felt like I could crawl under a rock. The school said that could give extension but, if I didn’t have the money on the deadline they would drop all of my classes.

As I was lying in bed with a damaged ego and discouraged mindset I got a call from the old boss and he said he had check for me to cover all my tuition for all the semesters so I could graduate.

That was a miracle from GOD and now until forever I will be able to say that I am a college graduate. My future children and grandchildren will be able to say that I was a college graduate. #Horray

The Big Island

In 2017 I got experience the beautiful island of Hawaii. I remember flying in and being memorized by the alluring natural landscape and the tropical plants. I had only been praying to see Hawaii for about 5 years but, for some reason I could never get to the place.

One day a friend of mines asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I said without hesitation go to Hawaii. Then within that next hour he had me a flight booked and a itinerary . Needless to say that was my best birthday present ever. The most interesting thing that I learned was how the USA acquired Hawaii which was through deceit and manipulation.

Other than that I had a great and enjoyable time I got to see the bottom of the ocean on a submarine. I went hiking in the forest to see a waterfall and got caught in a the rain. I walked through Diamond Park where the bomb was droped over 50 years ago.

It was also interesting to see the native food being on the McDonald’s menu I order a lobster sandwich. I love Hawaii with a passion it my dream to go see it again.

Part 2 of The Mass Hysteria: Conspiracy Theories:Fact’s or Fiction.

I blame this President Donald Trump and your  racists and his  ill informed constituents.    Americans was duped by a foreign intelligence through social media to help this President get elected devil. The best person to Run America after Obama left office would of been Hillary Clinton.

You see virus are nothing new to us since we have had  since start of time. of industrialize nations.   My hope is that we can move on and get over this with the low causalities. outbreak-coronavirus-world-1024x506px

The hidden Part of Africa: I Live in The Africa they Don’t Show on TV

The differences between living in Africa VS living in America is I feel like I can afford to live  in America. With that being said Africa is a really big continent and I am a girl from America living in West Africa for time to time.

This has been the most joyous time in my life living in Lagos, Nigeria the mecca of Africa. I really just love being in the estates cooking with my bae and taking road trips around Nigeria.  I live just like I would in America the only differences it they don’t have a McDonald’s.

Lagos has a country town charm with a fast pace environment. It so interesting to meet so many people from different parts of the world Lagos is an international hub. The first thing I notice about Africa is if you are not a black person then you stick out like a sore thumb. So from being in America you know a  very diverse place then going to Africa it’s a real culture shock. I like how I look like everyone else so I fit in well with the people.  People also think I am from the Iboo Tribe.

I also notice it was also a lot of Asian’s in Africa and they just be walking around like the regulars. When Bae meaning Tobi my future husband and I went grocery shopping we saw a few Asians shopping. That is about as diverse as at it got next to seeing the interracial couples with were different skin colors.

The fashion is very fantastic people dress in native clothing and some dress liked they step off of a fashion billboard. I am so intrigue by the styles and how the ladies tie their glee, the make-up and how they created glamours dresses with their materials.

Lastly the culture is very different from how I was bought up in America. I love how the Nigerians I am with are very focused on family, love, and respect.

#Conovirus: The Cause of Mass Hysteria “Fact’s & Fiction

When moving forward in life you must remember to constantly keep moving to new grounds. We are 3 months into the New Year and we must not lose hope or faith. The situation looks terrible and may cause you to panic but, do not fall into the trap of panic or overacting.  Remember it also about the energy you chose to focus on. I don’t think this virus is really as bad as the media is trying to make it out to be is my opinion. I notice that this virus is causing mass hysteria and people are buying up everything in the grocery stores, watching news 24/7, and the closing of schools and bussiness.

When you really began to look at the death toll in the United States so far its only   less than a 100 people who have died from this virus. This is a small number in a country of at least 300 million people. That was the latest statics I heard sinced I watch the news.

The most important thing is to use common sense stop watching so much news, and keep yourself healthy.  outbreak-coronavirus-world-1024x506px     Keeping following my blog will I be informed of you on resources that will help you stay Conrovirus Prepared.