2016 National Black Book Festival

The National Black Book Festival Houston, TX hosted the National Black Book Festival this year at “FallBrook Church. The National Black Book Festival is all about bringing together authors, and writers to showcase their talents. One of the stars of the event were “Mathew Knowles” better known as the businessman who managed the very popularContinue reading “2016 National Black Book Festival”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in Southeast Texas

  Stevie J a Reality television star and former producer of Bad Boy Entertainment  who is now known for his role in  the popular VH1 Reality TV Show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” came to Southeast Texas. I saw him on a flyer for him doing an appearance at Club Rumba in Beaumont, TX and,Continue reading “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in Southeast Texas”

Just Brittany “Album Release Party” Winners Lounge

I It was so hilarious I was walking on stage to get a photo with “Just Brittany” and she told me I need to tell   those people excuse me. I was like OMG  did “Just Brittany” “Just Read Me but, no one was in my way .” December 27th at the Winners Lounge inContinue reading “Just Brittany “Album Release Party” Winners Lounge”