America’s Dirty Secret

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America History has always been rooted in racism but, since America has evolved so has it beliefs but, a lot of racists dogmas live on to this day. The shooting in South Carolina historic black church is something that needs to be looked at as a symbol that some people in White America still hates the black culture.

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The French Dragon Staring “Alan Delabie

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I’m not trying to be a star I just want to be recognize for my work- Alan Delabie 

Alan Delabie has been in the film  industry for almost a decade and is finally getting the recognition he deserves. A former European Martial Arts Champion and a French Native he is staring in a web series called “The Golden Age.

As of right now he is working on  “The French Dragon” a movie coming to theaters this summer. He has worked with A list celebrities  like “Jean-Claude Van Damme” famous for his role in martial art movies like “Blood Sport.”


Alan said that he isn’t actor with an ego because, being an actor for him is all about achieving his dream the American Dream. He has such a cute accent check out my video with him through Skype on my Youtube Channel and hear his voice.


Lastly, he is such a pleaseant person to talk too he is such a down to earth guy. I wish in much success in the American film indusrty.

You can follow him on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/alan.delabie



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Summer is here let’s remember to stay hydrated, and cool.

Tip #1 Avoid long periods of being in direct sunlight the sun drains your energy. Do you ever notice how tied you feel when you’re in the sun that’s a symptom of the sun draining your energy.

Tip #2 Drink Water but, drink sport beverages like Gatorade and Powerade too. Water is good for you but, when you’re in the summer weather sport drinks are even better because, they put electrolytes but in your body that get depleted from the high weather temperatures.

Tip # 3 Stay in cool A/C places for example do more inside activities and save the outside activities for later in the day when it’s cooler. Also be sure to dress for the occasion when you outside be sure to put on light airy clothing that can protect you skin and don’t forget your hat.

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Surviving The Summer: Part 1


images (11)       I don’t know if you all remember Akon the pop star famous for the song “Soul Survivor” he has been  out of the limelight  for many years attempting to make the world a better  place in Bamako, Mali a country in Northern Africa.

The pop star has create “Akon Solar Academy” and is working on making solar polar accessible to six hundred million Africans. He is working with a team of African Engineers who will hopefully make this a reality in  cities, towns, and villages very soon.

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Sex reassignment surgery



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Changing your gender is no longer pseudo science it’s now a common reality. Since the former olympian  and Keeping UP With The Kardashians star “Bruce Jenner” became Caitlyn  he is  the fposter child for  advancement in the scientific medical community.

Who would of believed that in this lifetime that a person could be born a male and transition into a female. Sex reassignment surgery is now possible for people who feel like they were born into the wrong body.

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Kim K “VS” Wendy Williams

So Kim K goes all the way left on the talk show host Wendy Williams via Twitter.

Ms. Kardashian West was upset about Wendy accusing her of using a surrogate and not really being pregnant.  So why all of a sudden is Kyme getting so mad about rumors so upset that she went on a rant on twitter.

Well some say it pregnancy mood swings, and  other say it’s about her stepdad Bruce Jenner causing her stress. Whatever the case maybe I hope she has a healthy pregnancy. Congrats to the couple Kayne & Kim on becoming parents again also people saying it could be twins.