You Can Learn From Strange People

Part 3 You Can Learn From Strange People  

Let’s see this is what I thought was strange about this dude and what I learned.

*He was reading all these books but, nothing was chaining his profits were still low and his business was picking up.

—What I learn from him was that you can read information but, you got to act on it. I was kind of like him reading studying but, not applying things hanging out him really made me start applying and impelling new ideas in my life.


*He was always talking about the same thing over and over

—-What I learned from him was when your talking about the same thing over and over and never do it that is a confidence issues. What your really  saying is that you don’t believe  you can do it because if you did you would have done it already or be making a plan to do it.

*Lastly he was always wanting to hang out with me and talk to me

—–What I learned for that was he wanted me he asked me to be his woman. He said will you be my  girlfriend because,  I like you and I wouldn’t be doing all these things for a woman I”m interested in. I was like OMG I thought we were just friends but, you want a relationship with me.

You Can Learn From Strange People

Part 2 of You Can Learn From Strange People 

So he always had a new book to share with me. He was always  reading all these books like literally one book a day.

We even meet up at the book store and he bought me some books and training programs I was like “Thank You.”

Then still his sales were down I started to feel bad for him so I offer him some advice as a business woman myself I know a lot of your success comes from the people you around.

He did not take my advice but, hey at least I tried. Now I was staring to feel extra confused by my strange friend I was like OKAY.

Well  I thought to myself some people you can’t help but, we can still be networking and partying buddies.  So we kept attending business events together and going to parties.



You Can Learn From Strange People

Part 1 of You Can Learn From Strange People 

You know I made friends with this guy who I thought was a little strange. Well what was strange to me about this fellow was he was in his late 20’s and been at the same job for almost 10 years. I asked him if he had a wife, kids, in college ect he replied No, No, and No.

So  as I picked his brain more and more he told me how he wanted to go to college and I said you can do it he claim he missed the deadline. So fast forward to six month later he was telling me the same story but, this time he was going into a business.

Now he own his on  business in the direct sales and marketing field every time I talked to him he was reading all these books in the self-help field for business people.

However when I asked him about the business profits nothing ever change. He said sells are still low.

What I learned check out it out in my next blog.

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