You Don’t Need a Real Estate License to Buy & Sell Houses

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Many people don’t know that they really don’t need a “Real Estate License” to buy or sell houses. You can buy a house on your own without a relator and sell it without a relator as well. Getting a Real Estate License is good if you don’t have the capital to buy the property yourself.

The key to this is having the capital to buy your property while also being able to maintain your lifestyle. This is what is called fix and flip and it can make you a lot of money. Once you fix and flip the property you can rent it as to have recurring income or you can sell and get a lump sum of cash.

A second good factor with helping you buy a home is your ability to find a good deal which if you have good credit, you should try a mortage lender or mortage broker. Even then you don’t need a relator because, you can go look for the home yourself. Now it’s easier than ever to find a good deal because, it’s many places that you look. For example, social media is booming with great deals sites like Facebook, and Instagram have markets where you can speak directly with the seller.

Some of the best deals you can find on a home is through auctions, sheriff sales, tax liens, and short sales. You can also go to your tax office and they can give you information on houses and land. Also, you want to be sure to do your due diligence which means understanding all the necessary steps and the process so you can reduce the loss.

Finally, another great thing is when you’re buying houses to sell and flip you don’t have to be trap in one market. You can go to any place you can buy and sell anywhere in the world. Thanks for checking out my blog on buying and selling property without a relator.