Baltimore Riots Mother of The Year


Everyone has saw the story of the mom beating her son like a drum on live tv. Was that right some say Yes and some say No. Well some say the Mom is not a hero she is just as worst as the cops. People that I spoke with said it was embarrassing for the mom to whip her child because, he was just standing up for something that he believed in.

Also people that I spoke with went on to say that the mom was an prime example of negative stereotype about black women in America. Them being outargues, over the top, and ignorant. Many say she is a hero according to the mom “she said that she doesn’t want her son to be anther “Freddie Grey” which was an unarmed black man killed in police custody. After his death many young protesters took to the streets rioting and protesting Baltimore Mayor has know called in the 2,000 national guards troops to bring order back to the city.

Let’s remember to keep Baltimore in our Prayers.


He Motivated Me


I was glad to have met him and worked with him for the little time that I did. Then all of a sudden he turned on me in a matter of minutes. He called me about an article that he read I wrote and  told me to removed it from the website.

In a fatigue overwhelm state I was bold enough to speak my mind and he didn’t like that.  Well I knew the outcome of this wouldn’t be good so I tried apologize even though I knew I wasn’t wrong  that didn’t work. So he said we will have a meeting about what happened.

I waited for that call it never came so I sent a message through facebook no response, then another message, then another message, and another message nothing not even a emotion icon.  So at this point I knew I was purposely being ignored and I was hotter than fish grease.

Everyday I would say WOW I thought we were better than that but, I can clearly see I was wrong. Then after a few days of being pissed I began to take action and steps toward my goals.  I went back to my purpose of him being in my life and came to the conclusion I didn’t need him to began he was a crutch to keep me from clarifying what I wanted.  I’m proud me of because, I should of cursed him out but, I held my tongue.

So in a state of sadness I began to do things that I know I wouldn’t have done if he was still in my life. I said “I’m going to show him who’s boss watch me do this, I will show him I’m going to do that. Then I reflected and thought interesting this person whom I was beefing with has been my greatest motivator.  I made all these strides to show someone whom I didn’t like anymore that I can achieve what I want with or without him amazing.

So now I want to call him and take him to lunch and tell him “Thank You” so much for for hurting my feelings by ignoring  me because, you motivated more than any of my life coaches and self-help books.


Speaks Easy Lounge Bar & Grill

I’m like most people on the weekends I like to let my hair down and have some fun. I was invited to the J Paul Jr Concert in Downtown Port Arthur but, honestly I’m really not into the cowboy scene that much. Now I do like urban cowboys I think they are nice to look at however, I’m still a R&B Hip Hop scene type of lady. I will go out and two steps when I’m on my Zydeco mood.

So me and my friend went to the J Paul Jr Concert and when we got there it was a BYOB type of party. That wasn’t working for us because, we had nothing to BYOB. So we rode around the city and stop at “Speak Easy Lounge.” I was so shocked because, when I normally walk to the front entrance they ID me. It’s always a big black man with an attitude demanding to see my ID and he inspects it like it’s a counterfeit  but, this time they did not asked me to see my ID. I was sad.

In all honestly I was offended I like being ID it’s let’s me know I”m still young and sexy and percived as been  being barely legal to others and that gives me the fuel to continue to be a five star chick or whatever the new saying they have for young beautiful woman. LOL

Well so we went in and hung out and had a lot of fun. I was feeling myself I got on the dance floor and did my thing I was dancing like Ciara and Beyonce. I didn’t dance that long my feet was already hurting before I put on my heels it was a miracle that I could even stand since I was standing all day at work at my retail job. The food was super good like always.

This proves that you don’t have to go to Houston, or Las Vegas to have fun you can have fun in your backyard check out my picture of me at Speaks Easy Lounge. Speak Easy Lounge


Trash Off


Come out Saturday April 18th at 8:00am to 11:30 for the “Don’t Mess With Texas” TRASH OFF. The Port Arthur Beautification Commission is inviting volunteers to keep the city clean through organized cleaning efforts. If you would like to be apart of positive changes in the city  meet up at the Proctor Street Pavillion at 500 Procter shirt where they will give out T-shirts, gloves, vest, water, snacks, and assigned the area to be tidy up.  The President of the Beautification Commission “Ms. Maggie Bolden” is hoping to have a big turnout this year. The commision is asking for donation of trash bags, gloves, and door prizes.  If you or your business or organization would like to make a contribution don’t delay do it today. Contact Ms. Bolden directly at 409-728-5465 or 409-983-8140 email padeautificationcommission@gmail.com mail. I hope to see everyone there I will be apart of the Trash Off if you want to be on my team email me at info@TangelaStephens.com.