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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in Southeast Texas

Screen-Shot-2014-08-28-at-1.09.07-PM stevie-j-lhh-atl Stevie J a Reality television star and former producer of Bad Boy Entertainment  who is now known for his role in  the popular VH1 Reality TV Show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” came to Southeast Texas. I saw him on a flyer for him doing an appearance at Club Rumba in Beaumont, TX and, he was also spotted at the Winners Lounge in Port Arthur, TX.

The only thing I wanted to know is who, what, when, and where was his wife Joseline Hernandez “The Puerto Rican Princess” people said that she was know were to be seen. Word On The Street is and I also saw this on TMZ is she stuck in Atlanta for a trial.

On the video courteous on the TMZ website “She was in the courtroom saying all sorts of things like the show is fake and ect. I said “HELL YES” she going to say the show is fake now because, she is facing “real time” in real time.(I hope you all got that joke) It wasn’t fake when she was stealing Stevie J from Meme. Nor was it fake when she got up and pimp slap Athela I’m sorry that was crazy.

For those of you who don’t keep up with the show let me catch you from whats going on. Joseline started a riot on the show when other cast mates accused her of being a cocaine addict. View the video below courtesy of YOUTUBE it show Ms. Hernandez was throwing blows like Mike Tyson before he went to prison.  I haven’t watch the show in a long time but, that Josleine was hilarious.


Let Every Voice Be Heard “Coffee with Your Councilman”


Coffee with the Councilman was a very informative meeting about the changes coming to the city by the sea giving citizens a  platform to voice opinions, and concerns about the city.

Port Arthur  new leadership is moving the city forward with progressive ideas.

Charismatic well spoken and a trust worthy family man Derrick Freeman is moving the city into a new direction.

With creative ideas like the “Synegy App” citizen can use this app to report problems immediately like a pot holes in the road, broken traffic lights, and abandoned buildings.  All one has to do is download the App on a smart phone or tablet send in the problem via email and you will get an immediate response from a city worker.  Now I haven’t used it yet but, I heard it works really well.

The city is also having a meeting Tuesday at 5:30 about passing laws so movies can start filming here in Port Arthur which will give the city more revenue and create jobs locally. If you would like to help with this project Derrick is asking people to send pictures to filmfriendlyportarthur@gmail.com so potential movie directors can see what the city looks like.

If you would like to join the next “Coffee With Your Councilman” email him at   derrick.freeman@portarthurtx.gov or call (409) 983-8271.

11071758_1069080263107773_4578375103735720071_o “Pictures Courtesy of Councilman website”



Coretta Scott King,John Lewis,

It’s been 50 years since “Bloody Sunday” Dr. King and his wife “Coreta Scott King” along with thousands of others walked arm in arm in a non violent protest for equal voting rights and for a young black deacon killed by a state trooper.

In 1965 on March 7 people walked across “Edmund Pettus Bridge” in Alabama in hopes of making America better. They endured beating with night sticks, tear gas, and were trampled by horses.

All that violence that was not in vain  that same year President Johnson  sign the bill to pass the “Voters Act Rights” law.

Check out this video from Youtube courteous of the “Los Angles Times”


If you would like to learn more about the Selma check out the movie called Selma.


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The Empire

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You probably can’t turn on the television or surf the web without hearing about the new drama series on the FOX network Empire.

Well I tuned into one show accidentally and I couldn’t turn the channel. The star of the show Taraji P Henson show known for her roles in “Baby Boy”, “Hustle and Flow” and the recent box office hit “No Good Deed” is playing the role of a lifetime as the ex-wife of a music mogul.

“Cookie” the character she plays is  over the top hip hop mom snap your finger head shaking bold personality have people tuning in every week waiting to see what she does next. FOX created a hit with this show Lee Daniels did his thing when producing this show. I’m official a fan.

If you want to know what the fuss is about tune into to the Empire every Wednesday at 8:00 pm. Leave your comments and let me know what you you about the show.

Thank You FOX for making me love TV again.

If you want to know more about the show check out the website link.


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