Hiking The Grand Canyon

38126906_10213014366137222_4721384293530599424_n It was such an amazing experience to hike The Grand Canyon solo. I drove from Phoenix to Flagstaff and it was the scariest drive ever.  I always had a vision of me hiking The Grand Canyon my vision and my actions finally came together in July of 2018.

The summer was extra crisp and dry I drove up and down hills for hours stopping once or twice for coffee and snacks.  Here was in my rental driving in mountains and it was very exciting and scary at the same time.

I arrive at the Canyon and it was filled with tourists I asked where is the starting point to hike the Grand Canyon. I started solo but, ended up making a hiking friend a 20 year old college student from Japan. His English was a little broken but, I understood what he was offering me which was a bottle of water. I said “Thank You” we starting talking and walking and before you knew it we were laughing and having a great time.

What I didn’t know was the Grand Canyon is that it gets cold at night and thankfully I brought a flannel to keep me warm.  I enjoy the natural scenery and seeing all the families on family vacations. It was also cool to see the park rangers hiking making sure everyone was okay.

I feel so accomplished to say I made it out alive because, this place is know to kill a certain amount of people each year.

If you looking for family friendly breathing place to visit go see the Grand Canyon click the length below.

Grand Canyon Vacation