Southeast Texas Mardi Gras 2015


I know everyone has heard about the famous “Mardi Gras” in New Orleans but, a lot of people forget about the Texas “Mardi Gras.” I had the pleasure of attending the Port Arthur “Mardi Gras” which was filled with lots of fun, food, and parties. The admission was ten dollars to get in the strip the fair was actually a free entrance. The strip was filled with lots of unique shops, exotic foods like fried alligator, and interesting things to see like the these two year old white tigers.

People also had a choice between 3 live concerts, a lager variety of beverages, and lots of beads.  My question that I  wanted to ask people is do you know whats the meaning of “Mardi Gras” is and why it is celebrated.

Well I don’t have time to explain the whole history of “Mardi Gras” now but, check out my next blog and it will break down history of this holiday.