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“Yandy Smith” Vh1 Star The Woman Who Means Business



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The Women Empowerment Foundation 1st Annual Dinner was a success.  Of all the speakers my favorite speaker was Yandy from Love & Hip Hop New York. She gave business advice for women in the business world who are trying to build a successful business. Check Out some of the tips she gave.

  1. Turn Your No”s into Yes                                                                                                                                  Ms. Smith said when she graduate with honors from the prestigious Howard University that her she found herself waiting tables. However she prestiance and landed an internship at a management company.  She got the position by just being a go getter. She called multi times about the job each time she heard NO but, that didn’t stop her she kept trying.


2  Know Your Wroth Being Willing to Walk Away and Ask For What You Want

Yandy said although she was filing papers and being the coffee lady but, she had anther plan which was law school. She had a meeting with her boss and ask for a position while also letting her know that she anther agenda as well. Long story short the boss lady offer her a position and she ran with it.

3 Don’t Settle for less

She said women especially have this problem setting for less. She said the worst thing you can do is settle because your not growing.

4  You know it’s time to move around when you gotten to comfortable

When things get easy and routines  you gotten comfortable according the Love & Hip Star. Once again being in a comfort zone means your not growing. She said you should always be moving to the next goal or thing you want to try.


5 Be Humble

Being Humble is anther thing that helped to her success.  Although she was a college graduate she wasn’t to proud to file papers, get coffee, and make copies. I thought I wish I could be like that. Filing papers, and making coffee is what helped her to meet one of the top television executives Ms. Monia Scott Young.



Lastly  you can keep up with Yandy and follow her on Facebook just click the link below and you can get her book on Amazon

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The French Dragon Staring “Alan Delabie

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I’m not trying to be a star I just want to be recognize for my work- Alan Delabie 

Alan Delabie has been in the film  industry for almost a decade and is finally getting the recognition he deserves. A former European Martial Arts Champion and a French Native he is staring in a web series called “The Golden Age.

As of right now he is working on  “The French Dragon” a movie coming to theaters this summer. He has worked with A list celebrities  like “Jean-Claude Van Damme” famous for his role in martial art movies like “Blood Sport.”


Alan said that he isn’t actor with an ego because, being an actor for him is all about achieving his dream the American Dream. He has such a cute accent check out my video with him through Skype on my Youtube Channel and hear his voice.

Lastly, he is such a pleaseant person to talk too he is such a down to earth guy. I wish in much success in the American film indusrty.

You can follow him on Facebook