Black Public Servant who also an Texas Attorney Stand Up Against Racisms

Mr. Adwin Sammuel who is the owner of Aduwin and Son has been an outstanding person in the community for many years. He stands up for the rights of the unprivileged Black & Brown people as wells anyone in the community who needs help. Mr. Sammuel and his son Sean Sammuels represent Affluent Blacks in Texas as well people like “Sheriff Stephens” a PV Graduated the first Black elected Sheriff in the history of Jefferson County Criminal Justice System in the Southeast Texas community of Beaumont, TX about 100 miles outside of Houston, TX.

Mr Sammuels has been an outstanding man in the community and he is easy on the eye as well. This charming, virbant, Black Rights Supporter is a Thugood Marshal Graduate. He has been an public servant for more than 20 years with the City of Beaumont Texas as a Council Member for Ward 3. He started up in the community as a young lawyer in the 80’s creating the first “Black Family Adoption System” to help Black children who were caught up in the criminal justice system due to family issues.

Audwin and his son run a family law firm localy where they fight prejudice in the Southeast Texas. Most recently Mr. Sammuels was featured on KMBT 12 Beaumont, TX for helping get a local white doctor who open used the N-Word fired from his job.

Attorney Sammuels also protested the “Travin Martin Case” when the case that got national attention because, many called it American bigotry and prejudice system against a young Blacks boy with dreams of becoming NASA Astronaut in Florida.

That’s we are supporters of Attonrey Sammuels and all the good things that he does in the community. Thank You Mr. Sammuels for your services in Ward 3 in Beaumont, TX. We love you and all that you do.

Leader in the community

Mr. and Mrs. Sammuels Married for over 30 Years 4 children and 5 Great Grandchildren
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Protest In Texas For DeMarcus Brown


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Community Leader  and President of Justice or Else “Geary Senigaur” is asking that the police officers involved in the DeMarcus Brown case be terminated.

On April 16, 2016  DeMarcus Brown was beaten into a bloody pulp at Walmart in Beaumont, TX after being taking into custody for accusations of stealing.

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Coretta Scott King,John Lewis,

It’s been 50 years since “Bloody Sunday” Dr. King and his wife “Coreta Scott King” along with thousands of others walked arm in arm in a non violent protest for equal voting rights and for a young black deacon killed by a state trooper.

In 1965 on March 7 people walked across “Edmund Pettus Bridge” in Alabama in hopes of making America better. They endured beating with night sticks, tear gas, and were trampled by horses.

All that violence that was not in vain  that same year President Johnson  sign the bill to pass the “Voters Act Rights” law.

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If you would like to learn more about the Selma check out the movie called Selma.



The Civil Rights Movement VS The Black Lives Matter Campaign

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The Civil Rights Movement had people that continuously fought the fight of injustice for years the leader  Dr. King was the most valuable asset for fulling its purpose. The Black Lives Matter Campaign according to a poll I took  among citizens they said this organization  seem more concerned  about  vigilante justice against law enforcement and not addressing the real issues. Being a person who enjoys reading and watching movies about  the “Civil Rights Movement” I think much of it success was because it was a greater cause which included all people.  Many people that I spoke with also said that “The Black Lives Matter Campaign”  should be about all lives matter emphasizing how people should not view police as a threat but, as a valuable part of a democratic society.