Is J-Anthony Brown Done with Tom Joyner Morning Show

        I was in my city this weekend Houston, Texas and I decided to go check out one of my favorite comedians J-Anthony Brown. Many of you know him from “The Tom Joyner Morning Show .”

Vivica say 50 is Gay “OMGoodness”

Right after the Real Housewives of Atlanta first show of the season the after show Live with Andy Cohen had Vivca, Kandi and Mama Joyce. The interview was super entertaining especially when Ms Fox said that 50 cent is an undercover bother. According to Vivca when Andy asked her about why 50 cent criticizes FoxContinue reading “Vivica say 50 is Gay “OMGoodness””

“Kenya Moore” Duped by Another Married Man

  I don’t know if you all have heard the news yet but, Ms Kenya Moore the former Miss USA, Actress, Star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Producer of “Life Twirls”  has been deceived by another married man. These are question I want to know so if you go on Millionaire Matchmaker they don’tContinue reading ““Kenya Moore” Duped by Another Married Man”