Love Found Me

So I only been praying for a nice good decent guy who could at least be honest with me. What do you know I am in a car dealership and the sells ladies ask me “am I looking for a man. Hmm that was an interesting question my response was ” I am sure am.”

I went in looking for a car but, I came out with an even bigger bargain.


So were sitting in an I-Hop chatting I am eating a chicken taco.  She said downloand the what’s up app I said okay. She is a very pushy  lady so I just went with the flow.

She said look at him what do you think  I said Woo-we  he will most definitely do but, let me fix my hair and make-up before we chat.

On a wam we just starting talking  it was like I was talking to a long lost friend. He was finishing my sentences we were laughing and talking into the early morning hours. I felt happy talking to his man could this be an sent by GOD or a distraction from the devil. At that point it really didn’t even matter I was just cool with conversation vibes.

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2016 National Black Book Festival

The National Black Book Festival

Houston, TX hosted the National Black Book Festival this year at
“FallBrook Church.

The National Black Book Festival is all about bringing together authors, and writers to showcase their talents.

One of the stars of the event were “Mathew Knowles” better known as the businessman who managed the very popular girls group “Destiny’s Child.

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Protest In Texas For DeMarcus Brown


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Community Leader  and President of Justice or Else “Geary Senigaur” is asking that the police officers involved in the DeMarcus Brown case be terminated.

On April 16, 2016  DeMarcus Brown was beaten into a bloody pulp at Walmart in Beaumont, TX after being taking into custody for accusations of stealing.

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The Life Legacy of Afeni Shuaker




Tupac Mom is now in heaven. Afeni Shuaker The black panther, political activist, and Mom of one of the famous rappers in Hip Hop passed away of a heart attack according to TMZ.

Stars like Jada Pinkett Smith, and Mike Epps went to social media to show their condolences.

Ms. Shuaker went to be with the lord in her home in California


Jada Pinkette Facebook Status 

Jada Pinkett Smith

Today I woke up to the news that Afeni had passed. My first thought was of Sekyiwa and the entire clan that loved Afeni. Then I remembered that I was in NY to attend a Mother’s Day event named after a song written about Afeni, Dear Mama. My heart tightened and then all kinds of memories flooded in. I quickly remembered how calm Afeni was especially during any crisis. She always had a way of making me believe all would be well. But my fondest memories of Afeni was spending time with her at Jamine Guy’s house as Jasmine was writing Afeni’s book. Tupac had passed, and now I was a business woman, wife, and a mother and we could talk real and I mean really real. I got to see where Pac got his passion, his ideals for equality and justice but most of all his depth of thinking. Afeni was a giant in her own right. Today she is reunited with her son and Sekyiwa has two majestic angels to look after her. One for each shoulder. Rest in peace Afeni, and give Pac a hug and a kiss from me.


Is J-Anthony Brown Done with Tom Joyner Morning Show



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I was in my city this weekend Houston, Texas and I decided to go check out one of my favorite comedians J-Anthony Brown. Many of you know him from “The Tom Joyner Morning Show .”

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Black Wealth in America Dr. Boyce Part 1 of 4 series

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Not sure if you heard of him but, he is an outspoken expert economist,  political analyst, and author of “Black American Money: How Blacks Can Thrive in a Capitalist Society.”

Well if you haven’t heard of him you probably saw him on CNN, BET, ESPN, FOX, and other national syndicated news shows.  Dr. Boyce spoke in Houston,TX at “The Shrine of The Black Madonna” teaching Black Americans the 10 Commandants of Achieving Wealth in America.”

It wasn’t an empty chair in the room but, luckily I found some where to seat and I was glad I attend this event. I would like to share with you some of thing he spoke about.

  1. Be On Time for whatever is your trying to do
  2. Proper Attire “Dress to Impress”
  3. Study your craft strive to become an expert
  4. Listen, Listen, Listen, & Listen


A lot of those things sound like coming sense but, the truth is those type of things go along way in whatever field your in.

Others things that stood of with Dr. Boyce advice was how he wasn’t afraid to stand up for what is right and how he has showed America one voice can make a difference. In 2008 Watkins formed an online protest against Bill O’Riely for his remarks of Michelle Obama and lynching. Later Bill apologized for his remarks about the first lady.

Secondly, Dr. Boyce is advocate for social injustice  he and Russel Simmons wrote President Obama informing the President to end the war on drugs and create new programs to decrease high levels of mass blacks incarceration.

So far in recent news Obama has exonerated 61  of  millions of black Americans institutionalized in the prisons.

Check out part 2 of “Dr. Boyce 10 Commands of Black Wealth things that you will not hear on your cable news tv show.



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“Yandy Smith” Vh1 Star The Woman Who Means Business



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The Women Empowerment Foundation 1st Annual Dinner was a success.  Of all the speakers my favorite speaker was Yandy from Love & Hip Hop New York. She gave business advice for women in the business world who are trying to build a successful business. Check Out some of the tips she gave.

  1. Turn Your No”s into Yes                                                                                                                                  Ms. Smith said when she graduate with honors from the prestigious Howard University that her she found herself waiting tables. However she prestiance and landed an internship at a management company.  She got the position by just being a go getter. She called multi times about the job each time she heard NO but, that didn’t stop her she kept trying.


2  Know Your Wroth Being Willing to Walk Away and Ask For What You Want

Yandy said although she was filing papers and being the coffee lady but, she had anther plan which was law school. She had a meeting with her boss and ask for a position while also letting her know that she anther agenda as well. Long story short the boss lady offer her a position and she ran with it.

3 Don’t Settle for less

She said women especially have this problem setting for less. She said the worst thing you can do is settle because your not growing.

4  You know it’s time to move around when you gotten to comfortable

When things get easy and routines  you gotten comfortable according the Love & Hip Star. Once again being in a comfort zone means your not growing. She said you should always be moving to the next goal or thing you want to try.


5 Be Humble

Being Humble is anther thing that helped to her success.  Although she was a college graduate she wasn’t to proud to file papers, get coffee, and make copies. I thought I wish I could be like that. Filing papers, and making coffee is what helped her to meet one of the top television executives Ms. Monia Scott Young.



Lastly  you can keep up with Yandy and follow her on Facebook just click the link below and you can get her book on Amazon

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Get a copy of her book The Beauty Behind Branding


You Can Learn From Strange People

Part 3 You Can Learn From Strange People  

Let’s see this is what I thought was strange about this dude and what I learned.

*He was reading all these books but, nothing was chaining his profits were still low and his business was picking up.

—What I learn from him was that you can read information but, you got to act on it. I was kind of like him reading studying but, not applying things hanging out him really made me start applying and impelling new ideas in my life.


*He was always talking about the same thing over and over

—-What I learned from him was when your talking about the same thing over and over and never do it that is a confidence issues. What your really  saying is that you don’t believe  you can do it because if you did you would have done it already or be making a plan to do it.

*Lastly he was always wanting to hang out with me and talk to me

—–What I learned for that was he wanted me he asked me to be his woman. He said will you be my  girlfriend because,  I like you and I wouldn’t be doing all these things for a woman I”m interested in. I was like OMG I thought we were just friends but, you want a relationship with me.