The Lady Who Loves Africa

I really enjoy fashion especially Africa fashion.

Tangela Stephens

IMG_3188 I love the whole continent of Africa it is such a fascinating place to me. What I find so irresistibly interesting is the fashion especial the native attire.

The thing about African Fashion is it’s fun my focus is on the West African region.  The fashion style is so unique and creative.

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The Lady Who Loves Africa

IMG_3188 I love the whole continent of Africa it is such a fascinating place to me. What I find so irresistibly interesting is the fashion especial the native attire.

The thing about African Fashion is it’s fun my focus is on the West African region.  The fashion style is so unique and creative.

The Funniest Comedian Ever: Mike Epps

I finally got to see one of favorite actors and comedians Mike Epps. So my friend invited me out to a comedy show to see the hilarious Mike Epps . It was the best 2 hours of my life in a long time. He told good jokes and kept the audience entertained. He is a very down to Earth guy. I like him bc he actually makes me laugh and I couldn’t stop laughing. He was cracking jokes on people in the audience it was super funny. I can’t wait to see the Richard Pryor Movie a biography of his life which Mike is suppose to be playing the lead role of the late Richard Pryor.

Domino’s in Lagos, Nigeria

After seeing all the real live food I felt like I was apart of the food revolution back from the early 2000’s. I love how the Nigerian eat everything is so fresh and health. However you all know that I am a junk food alcoholic. I can’t a day without my good old process food food I craved something fried, greasy, cheese, and crunchy anything the doctors say don’t eat it I wanted it.

When I saw a Domino’s Pizza I was exuberant it was like I won the Billion Dollar Powerball in the lottery. So I looked at the menu it was totally different from what I normally see and the pictures were super small. I was like like 20,00 Nario for this and that umm this sounds like a lot of money. (LOL)

Long story short I ordered a small pizza and it was totally disappointing I don’t know what type of ingredients they used but, even the pizza taste healthy.

So I did my the next best thing I went to an ice cream shop check out the next story on Ice Cream in Nigeria.

Distances Doesn’t Determine Romance

We met Nov. 26, 2018 online through a sales lady who asked me if I was looking for man. Why of course I was looking for man I’ve been single for a half a decade and it was an unpleasant existence for me.  When she told me he lived in Africa I was immediately turn off I was thinking how is he going to take me on a date in Africa.

Being the open minded person I am  my thoughts were well since we can’t be in a relationship because he live in anther continent then we could just be friends. Once I saw his face I thought well maybe we could figure something out. (He looked so attractive to me.) In America it’s a shortage on beautiful chocolate men so I didn’t want to miss out on just would could possibly happen.

Well 8 months later we are officially together and we meet in person. He is everything that I imaged him to be.  Long story short don’t allow distance or culture to stop you because, you could be missing out on something beautiful.

The Man Who Capture My Heart

I arrived at the airport in a foreign land that I’ve only heard stories about. On the outside I appeared to be calm and relaxed but, on the inside I was nervous as ever. I saw him from afar and I become paralyzed with fear. There he goes the man who stole my heart and turn it into putty.

I can’t believe I took that 2 day flight all for a man I only talked to online through Facebook and Google Voice. Seeing his face his beautiful hair his stance and how confident he appeared my insecurities kick in.

Thoughts of self-doubt and what if’s what if I don’t look beautiful to him, what if I he thinks I am lame, what if I am not what he thought.

He embraced me with his loving words and told me I look great. His family being there was such an honor to me.

I can’t remember a time I felt this happy I don’t recall a man ever giving me a since of peace being in his presences. Here I was feeling happy but, in my mind I trained myself to hide my happiness because, I know at any given moment someone will attempt to take it from me.

However it was no gimmick no I got you jokes no playing games it was just him being totally organic and true.  I am so taken back by his realness and the way he and him family work together.

I made a vow in my head to do anything and everything for this man he has 100% of my respect.

Hiking The Grand Canyon

38126906_10213014366137222_4721384293530599424_n It was such an amazing experience to hike The Grand Canyon solo. I drove from Phoenix to Flagstaff and it was the scariest drive ever.  I always had a vision of me hiking The Grand Canyon my vision and my actions finally came together in July of 2018.

The summer was extra crisp and dry I drove up and down hills for hours stopping once or twice for coffee and snacks.  Here was in my rental driving in mountains and it was very exciting and scary at the same time.

I arrive at the Canyon and it was filled with tourists I asked where is the starting point to hike the Grand Canyon. I started solo but, ended up making a hiking friend a 20 year old college student from Japan. His English was a little broken but, I understood what he was offering me which was a bottle of water. I said “Thank You” we starting talking and walking and before you knew it we were laughing and having a great time.

What I didn’t know was the Grand Canyon is that it gets cold at night and thankfully I brought a flannel to keep me warm.  I enjoy the natural scenery and seeing all the families on family vacations. It was also cool to see the park rangers hiking making sure everyone was okay.

I feel so accomplished to say I made it out alive because, this place is know to kill a certain amount of people each year.

If you looking for family friendly breathing place to visit go see the Grand Canyon click the length below.

Grand Canyon Vacation

New Orleans Girls Trip


This year me and the ladies did I our 2nd Girls Trip B-Day Bash.

New Orleans is a city filled with fun and non stop excitement. We arrived in the city and immediately became trap in the non stop fun. The highlight our the trip was celebrating Helen birthday.  We spent a lot of time in the casino the girls like the non stop gambling and you can order your drink at you slot machine.  We also ate on the buffet all you can eat crawfish, crabs, shrimp, steak and all types of desserts. If you apply for a credit card your buffet is free.

After 1 day of full time fun I had to go back to the room and take a nap for round two. We went to Bourbon Street using the trolley which in only $3 for an all day pass.  Our room was about 2 blocks away from Bourbon Street but, we like the adventure on seeing the city from a ground level view.

The drinks are the hand grande for about $14 all you need is one and you will start doing the New Orleans bounce. We at ate Lil Dizzy’s Cafe a soul food restaurant the food was delicious for about $12 I ate a seafood omelet po boy sandwich very tasty.

All the clubs are free to get in so you are guaranteed20190526_013652 to have a great time in The Big Easy B-Day Girls Trip was a success.