Legalizing Majurana

You can go to Colorado and buy marijuana just like you could purchase a  pack of cigarettes. The feature image at the top of this article is an actual container that an undercover investigator reporter emailed to me. This investigator reporter wants to remain anonymous but, I appreciate this picture he is allowing me to use as a source. This reporter and his sources told me was “thatContinue reading “Legalizing Majurana”

Just Brittany “Album Release Party” Winners Lounge

I It was so hilarious I was walking on stage to get a photo with “Just Brittany” and she told me I need to tell   those people excuse me. I was like OMG  did “Just Brittany” “Just Read Me but, no one was in my way .” December 27th at the Winners Lounge inContinue reading “Just Brittany “Album Release Party” Winners Lounge”