2016 National Black Book Festival

The National Black Book Festival Houston, TX hosted the National Black Book Festival this year at “FallBrook Church. The National Black Book Festival is all about bringing together authors, and writers to showcase their talents. One of the stars of the event were “Mathew Knowles” better known as the businessman who managed the very popularContinue reading “2016 National Black Book Festival”

Protest In Texas For DeMarcus Brown

      Community Leader  and President of Justice or Else “Geary Senigaur” is asking that the police officers involved in the DeMarcus Brown case be terminated. On April 16, 2016  DeMarcus Brown was beaten into a bloody pulp at Walmart in Beaumont, TX after being taking into custody for accusations of stealing.

Is J-Anthony Brown Done with Tom Joyner Morning Show

        I was in my city this weekend Houston, Texas and I decided to go check out one of my favorite comedians J-Anthony Brown. Many of you know him from “The Tom Joyner Morning Show .”

Black Wealth in America Dr. Boyce Part 1 of 4 series

           Not sure if you heard of him but, he is an outspoken expert economist,  political analyst, and author of “Black American Money: How Blacks Can Thrive in a Capitalist Society.” Well if you haven’t heard of him you probably saw him on CNN, BET, ESPN, FOX, and other national syndicatedContinue reading “Black Wealth in America Dr. Boyce Part 1 of 4 series”

“Yandy Smith” Vh1 Star The Woman Who Means Business

          The Women Empowerment Foundation 1st Annual Dinner was a success.  Of all the speakers my favorite speaker was Yandy from Love & Hip Hop New York. She gave business advice for women in the business world who are trying to build a successful business. Check Out some of the tips sheContinue reading ““Yandy Smith” Vh1 Star The Woman Who Means Business”