Tips for Buying Land

Photo by Johannes Stru00f6tker on Pexels.com

Always be sure to go to some you trust when making a big purchase such an trusted attorney, relator, or broker.

If your in the market to buy land you should do your research. I would say start at your local Tax Office and look at the title history of what you want to buy. You should also get a real estate agent or broker to help you find and locate the property you would like.

If you have all the money you should buy your land clear and free of loans. Also be sure to look at the title and deeds to be clear you are not throwing money down the drain bc of liens. Going back to the dollars signs of things you can get a loan to buy loan.

However when buying land of loan you will need a down payment and interest rates will be higher. The rates for loan lands are high because unlike the buying house when the loans are sold the second market land loans are inhouse they stay on the primary market. These loans are a bigger risk an require a sometimes up to 20% of the closing cost and down payment plus your credit score needs to be in the 620 or better .