I like Buddhism but, I am still a Christian

Many people in Western world I think aren’t open to learning about different religions. I was once one of those people other religions that wasn’t Christ focused really scared me. I think it was a fear of what would people think if they saw that I was open to different paths to ennlightenment.

I grew up in a Southern Black Baptist Church worshiping GOD is what we did Monday-Sunday and sometimes I wasn’t really sure with my walk with God. I loved my church family, I love Jesus, and I loved being with my church family.

I’ve heard that Jesus was the only way to GOD but, now at my age I think it is many paths to GOD. I think if GOD created the Earth with now a billion people so unique and different why would it only be one path to GOD.

So that’s why I have always been a student of culture and religion. Now I am going back to my sources of spiritual guidance which Buddhism.

I like Buddhism because just like the Bible it gives you tips for living a better life. I like the Mantra and I am still trying to learn mindfullness and yoga. I like how I feel more peaceful and mentally tough after I do my Mantras and Prayers.

Buddhism teach you ways to cope with the stress of life and that what I really like. So I am not 100% Buddhist yet but, I am on the journey to connecting with the higher power on a deeper level and I know it more than just one way.