The Courage to Change Plans

When Life Give You Lemons Make a Lemon Cake

Tangela Stephens

So here I was living what I thought was my best life and guess what my best life went to an okay life. An okay life is okay but, I got to a point when I wasn’t feeling okay. I talked to my husband about not feeling okay and he suggested I should quit my job. So I took his advice and took a personal leave just to clear my head. Guess what it was very good for me. Then my fairytale turn into a horror film I had to go back to work. The stress from a job I hated with the stress of being away from my husband took a toll on me mentally. I had to build up my courage again to change my plans in life.

Well the truth is I think I lived a somewhat pamper shelter life in the USA and in West Africa. However I notice that I wasn’t feeling like myself before I went to Africa but, I though the move would help me. The backstory is that once I came back home I went back to the same lifestyle and it wasn’t working for me. Once again I had to be bold and make a choice that would better my life. Which was moving away from everything that I loved family, friends, good food, great bars, and the support of my social network.

So through a series of events I turn lemons into Lemon pie. I did this by making the choice to leave my house and the town I lived in for almost 10 years. I was very scared to live my town I was more afraid of moving in the USA then I was moving in the USA.

However I put on my big girl britches and I took the leap of faith and moved toward my goal of living in a major city. Now I can say I live in the 3rd largest city in the USA.

This is how I turn lemon into a Lemon Cake. I removed myself out of a limiting envoriment and move to where I have more career choices. I am going after my goals in life and I will not be soured when life throws me lemon I will make Lemon cake.