Is Everything Bigger & Better in Texas “Podcast”

It’s a saying that says everything is Bigger & Better in Texas which leads me to my new podcast I will be hosting. You will be able to watch live video of me as bring you to exciting places in Texas to see and visit.

My love for Texas started when I had a dream to become the Queen of Texas as a Beauty Queen consteant. When I won the Miss Texas American Dream then went on to compete in Las Vegas it gave the courage, confidence, and boldness to chase my dream as a News Reporter, Blogger and a media professional.

My first job was working at my church in Beaumont, TX Cathedral in The Pines television in the studio dept operating the camera angles of the view of the minster. I also worked at 409 The Heat a digital radio station, 96.9 LP The Community Radio Station, and I was offered a job with Ubran Houston Network. I had been a blogger and vlogger during my whole time as The Winner of The Miss American Dream Pageant, and nomiated the Lifetime Queen of the Mo-To-Go Non-Profit charity.

Through out my career first as a Miss Black Texas USA consetant “Miss Black Beaumont” and I’ve been accpted into the Miss Texas USA pageant, Miss United States Pageant, and many other. I had to learn to do interviews and I was featured on the local news, as well as talks show one that featured CNN National journalist “Anderson Copper,” I also worked as an actress in music videos and have a Youtube channel and a following on social med

When I was first inspired to go into beauty acting and modeling was acutally because, my mom told me her dream was to always become “Homecoming Queen” so I became a queen to lift up my other Queens even if they aren’t always recgonized for their beauty.