Houston “We have A Problem” The Astro World Tour had Mass Casualty

Travis Scott is being blamed for the death of 8 fans at his concert of his home town in Houston, TX. According to reports and source Travis Scott was kept in the dark as the situation transpired and was totally clueless to the death of his beloved fans.

I actually like Travis Scott and I don’t think that he would purposely allow a concert to go on while people were going to glory. Travis is a popular rapper among his peers he started off with Kanye West Record Label “Good Music” and then moved on to “TI” Record Label Grand Hustle Records. His song Sicko Mode featuring Drake was in the top 100 music charts.

My hearts breaks for the people who lives ended at a music festival. However this is not the first time people have died. at music shows. In 1979 where the largest music festival took place in Ohio ” at that time 11 people lost their lives it was a massive death toll.

Word on the street is the Mayor of Houston said it was an ongoing invesgation going and the city of Houston police depot is said that Travis and his team are fully cooperating with the HPD. It is also rumors that fans are now trying to sue Drake, Travis Scott, Live Nations, and The City of Houston.