“H-Town” Living with Ms.Tan Tan “The City Girl”

The wind was blowing through my hair at what felt like 60 mph. I felt happy that everything meaning stores are in walking distance, but I did not like the wind blowing out my waves and curls in my hair.

Living in a metro space feel like I am always at a 5 star hotel with a lots of happy people. I love how everyone has their dogs on leashes, and it’s a pet friendly world.

The city life is for the weak because, it has a never ending flow of cars always looking for parking. You have to wait in lines at the most popular eatery because, why its very popular. It a tons of bars, clubs, and coffee shops and everything you can dream of.

I took the leap of faith and moved part-time in the city and it was very freighten at first but, if I can make it in Wes Africa I can make it any where.

What I love most is the people are very nice and friendly, the food is good, the drink are tasty, and the stores are so fun to shop at.