“Living Happily Ever After” My Life & My Choices I am Living For Me XOXO

Its almost everyone woman to dream to get married and live happily ever after from you ages girls play dress up and pretend to walk down the aisle. I was one of those little girls always imaging how I look on my wedding day and wonder if I would ever find a husband. Flashforward to my current life and all those dreams and have turn into nightmares of kissing frogs hoping they would turn into a prince just my luck I got prince.

However, my fairytale ending has been a rollercoaster ride of long miserable uncomfortable flights, red tape with visas, heavy luggage, and long layovers in foreign countries and even after all of that I am still not 100% happy. I thought that getting married would someone how make my life happy like the people on TV and that has not happend.

To make a long story short I no longer want to be defined by ability to keep a man happy or about how many children I am willing to have with him. I have seen it many times before women give men their all and end up without nothing like my Grandma like to say “They don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. Look at how Mary J husband did her cheated on her and was spending all of Mary J money on a young slut. How said that woman really loved her husband. Love is not everything for me anymore love can be a trap.

I am tried of constantly have to prove myself to people. I have to prove I am a good woman, I have to prove that I will be faithful, I have to allow my body to house a baby for a man that could leave me anytime. I have to look good, I have to have sex when he wants it, and I have to pretend like I am not mad when I am hurt or offend.

I never wanted to be a single, unwedded mother but, now at this age being a single unwedded mother would be more easier then being in the dating game for all this time. I wish I would of married young and had children like all of my friends. Oh no I wanted to be a career woman and go to college.

To bring my thoughts to and end which leads to my next question why is the American culture so fixed on the idea of women getting married and having babies. 50% of marriages end in divorces. At this point in the game I am chose to live my life for me and “DAMN” what anyone else think. I am following my own heart and going after my dreams. I am no longer putting my life on hold for anyone. Those same people you put your life on hold for will throw you out like trash when they are done using you.

That’s how I really feel and sorry to anyone who doesn’t like. Sorry correction I am not sorry.