Dear: Tobi “It is True I really do Love You”

The 7,000 mile love story hasn’t been easy but, I would not change anything that I been through. I don’t really know how to express my love for him but, some of the ways I try is by supporting Tobi anyway I can. Yes were are from two different cultures and have many cultural issues we are working through.

However I will say that I knew when I made the choice to be with him I knew it would not be easy. I know that relationships are not easy and when it’s someone you love you can’t just walk away from the person.

Many people are saying that I am showboating which is true. What is the point of having a man if you can’t show off the love you have for each other. I got engaged to the Tobi less than a month of knowing him many said that is crazy and for me to be careful because, it could me a romance scam.

Well almost 5 years later we are still together and I never felt that he scammed me or took advantage of me. That is saying a lot because, I have been scammed and I have been taken advantage of before. I said all that to say I know what it feels like to be used and guess what I do not feel used by him I feel 100% loved by Tobi.

He has been my rock, my bestfriend, and confidante and he has helped me to reach my goals of becoming of a wife and mother. Of all the nice things he has done for what I liked most is when I told him I am ready for marriage and a family he did not run from me he embraced me.

So when people asked me why of all men I wanted to chose a man to marry from West Africa my response is I didn’t chose him he chose me. He asked me to marry him, He asked me to have his children, He asked me into his Youbra Tribe, He asked me to fly 7,000 miles to, He asked my parents if he could marry me and lastly, he asked me to meet his family in the village.

So in a nutshell this man was a man who came to me correct and gave me everything I asked for. In return I agreed to be his African-American Nubian Queen Black Goddess.

I am Tangela Evette Stephens-Alaba “Olori Alaba in my tribe. I am very happy and still am very much love with you so Tobi if you actually read my blogs you will see that you are always a “Hot Topic” in my life.

It is true your Dreams did come true you are married to a Black American who really loves you and it is not a game for me.

Lastly Thank You for not giving up on me during the times I acted like a Bitch. I am 100% American they let women be bitchy sometimes it’s a normal part of our culture for women rights to have rights. Which sometimes included the woman snapping and its not only when she is on her period. “LOL” The American woman sometimes have to be the head of her household and pay all the bills. The women in America have to work just as hard as a man and sometimes even harder to take care of their familes.

So please don’t be offend by what you see or seen on social media just understand no matter what has took place in the past I still love you and my family in West Africa.