Hells Kitchen- Las Vegas “My White Wedding Dinner Celebration” at British Chef Gordon Ramsay Upscale Restaurant

If your a foodie and a professinal TV watcher like myself then I know you have heard of “Hells Kitchen” a top restaurant own and operated by TV Chef Gordon Ramsay. Let me the first to tell you that the food is very good and the eatery is very unique and pretty. What I liked most about the Hells Kitchen is it did not take long for us to be seated. The staff was real nice and professional and not only that my Shrimp Salad was good, the only thing I wanted was more shrimp.

My crew order the 6 course meal for about only $125 and you get a glass of wine included and the Louis Vutton Hennsey and Coke was $40 a drink or you could buy the whole bottle for a couple of benjamins. LOL

TI had a great time in Vegas and I plan to go back and eat at Hells Kitchen again. I loved Chef Ramsay show on TV he is a such an entertaining and enjoyable chef to watch on FOX network. Although I did not get met him I give his restaurant about 4.5 Stars on a 5 point scale. I needed more Shrimp in my Salad I paid $40 for that it was very tasty. Thank You also to my bridesmaid and cousin Tenika Booth and James Booth from Dallas for coming out to Las Vegas for “White Wedding Dinner at Hells Kitchen.”

This was the best moment in my life getting to eat my Hells Kitchen. I would like to become a Chef and open my own food truck.