White Wedding Bridal Party in Las Vegas my second Wedding in The Yourba Tribe “Tobi and Tan Coming to America Wedding in The Bahmas, Mexico, or Turkey

I am so excited about the second wedding in the Youbra Tribe. I want to get married in Jamaica or The Bahmas my Dream Wedding is happening in about 6 months. I have just got back in the U.S.A. after staying in Africa for 1 year and living near the village.

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As a Youbra Bride I will always allow my husband to be the head of the household. I am a lady who is not going to give up on my soon to be husband because, his money get low. I will always love my honey Tobi Dollar he has fly me to Europe, Africa, Dubai, London, Paris, and Turkey.

I want everyone to know I love my African Chief Tobi he is a great man.

African Tribal Wedding