Maurice Faye “Love and Hip Atlanta Cast Reality TV Show

The “Wanna Be A Baller” on others people money “Maurice Faye” Arkansas Rapper is in the photo with Carli Red was once featured on Vh1 highest rated reality tv show.

The Love and Hip Series saga keep going on this drama filled showed created by Mona Scott Young has created more fakers then ever. I always wonder what they are going to do next. Is Stevie Jay still on the show and I also liked Lil Scrappy, Mama Dee, Josline, Yandy Smith, Ray J, and, Remey Ma, and Carli B. I love this show it like watching a “Train Wreck that stays on the track.”

Mr. Faye instead of trying to steal the money why don’t you work for it. I heard Mona pays her people well on “Love & Hip Hop.” “LOL”

U.S. Prosecutors Attorney Kurt R. Eskine said that Mo Faynce took money from bussinesses who did not make it after the COVD-19 shut down.

The rapper is 38 and if has has to do the whole 17 years he will be 55 years old when he get. I don’t think 17 years of your life is worth the 2.2 million dollars that he got for his trucking business.