Houston Female Rapper Megan Thee Stallion Domestic Abuse Survivor turn Grammy Winner “A Woman with Goals”

Megan is a Houston Rapper who is now a Grammy winner at the age of 25 years old she is also a college graduated from “Texas Southern University.” Known for her spicy lyrics and messages of women taking power of their lives Megan has always been driven for success.

When suffered a gunshot wound to the foot by a guy she was dating that was a turning point in her life. It seems that terrible situation helped her to give other women the strength to end abusive in their lives. Megan lost both of her parents and was so driven to success by her Mom & Dad. She made a vow that she would become one of the hardest working women in show business. She has worked with Beyonce, JayZ, Niki Manji, Carli B, Doja Cat, Taga, City Girls, and Young Easy top music stars in the hip hop.

Luckily the star had no life threating inquires just a broke heart, but she came out on top and is now at the top of the music charts. Check her out on Apple Itunes.