First Black Woman Mayor in Texas Community Replaces Former Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames featured on Breakfast Club “Donkey of The Day”

This small community in Southeast Texas has it first Black Mayor after the city made national headlines due to their Mayor “Becky Ames” who was caught getting a pedicure during the Covd 19 lock down of 2020.

Mrs. Ames mayor of Beaumont for two terms very popluar in the community recived national critisms famslouly from the a top Ubran Radio Station #1 among milenals based in New York “The Breakfast Club.”

Charalame said “Becky” with the good hair was in the nail salon during a COVD-19 lock down. “LOL”

Lets vote do you think she has good har. I love “The Breakfast Club” my favorite host is Charmalme, then Angela Yee, and the other guy.

“I VOTE YES she is a “Becky with the good hair. LOL