1 Term Former Mayor of Port Arthur, TX Derrick Freeman 1st Cousin to UGK Rap Star Bun B “Next Chapter” Losing The election Run Off Re-Election to Pastor”Thurman Bartie”

Derrick Freeman who started off as a city councilmember in Port Arthur, TX home of the famous rapper Pimp C is a Port Arthur Native and graduated from Jefferson High School.

The public servant served his community with integrity and respect without any corruption during his term. The community turn on him during the Hurricane Harvey Crises in 2017 1 year after his was elected into office.

Voters in Port Arthur also know as nickname “Trill City” in the Oil & Gas town said that they felt that the Derrick the mayor during his first term jilted them during the most devastating time in their lives.

“What I think about Derrick losing to Bartie was a scapegoat for people who were angry about a storm destorying their homes.

Hurricane Harvey almost wiped Port Arthur, TX off the map and flooded Houston, Beaumont, Lake Charles, Lumberton, Vidor, Liberty, Nederland, and many other places in Texas. The Gulf Coast was declared a state of emergency for weeks and months for many people whom never able moved back into their homes.

Everyone in Port Arthur was flooded including the Mayor of Port Arthur “Derrick Freeman.” This is from NPR when Derrick did an interview about how he was handling the crises.

Port Arthur new Mayor “Thurman Bartie won The Run Off Election by a landslide. Many people in Port Arthur jump on the bandwagon with the Pastor. Bun B cousin Derrick Freeman is now a real estate investor with his mother Mrs. Freeman and has a team of employees. Derrick Freeman Mom is his top sells agent and her adverstiment can been send on Commerical Real Estate in the Eastside Port Arthur “I call it The Freeman Take Over”. “LOL” I really feel Derrick did good things for the city.

He is family man and has been married to his high school sweetheart and college sweetheart for 20 years.

I voted for Mr. Freeman during both elections because, I supported the good changes he brought to the community. Derrick and his team turned Port Arthur Downtown into a nice venue for people to enjoy the city.

When I did my news story in Port Arthur on slum building and the community reinvest act Mr. Freeman got a grant for people to build new homes. I got a $60,000 a grant from the city of Port Arthur as a first time home buyer with an FHA loan.

Derrick Freeman can now be seen in the community through his real estate company Freeman Real Estate.

We reached out to Mr. Freeman for his side of the story but, have not heard anything back. We know Mr. Freeman is a good man and we would be open to allowing him to defend his name and legacy in Port Arthur Texas.

Port Arthur Still Loves their Former Mayor “Derick Freeman” and Thank You for your service of getting rid of the ugly buldings in Port Arthur and making it a nice place to live.