Juneteenth Officially A Federal Holiday

Juneteenth is A Federal Holiday “What Does that mean for Black People in America

President Joe Biden has officially made Juneteenth a Federal Holiday which is showing the United States as a nation is beginning to acknowledge it’s sketchy past. As a native Texan I didn’t heard about Juneteenth until I was a teenager and heard my maternal grandmother talking about her yearly Juneteenth festive.

Flashback to the hot summer of June 19, 1865 one hundred and fifty-six years ago the slaves in Texas finally receive the message they were legally free after 2 and a half years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation of 1865.

Have you heard the saying “Don’t Killer the Messenger” well this is literally what was happening to Black Africans enslaved in Texan after the “American Civil War” every soldier sent by federal government was murder.

Finally a man they couldn’t kill “Gordon Granger” a Union Soldier delivered the message in Galveston, Texas June 19, 1865 saying that all the people were free. The United States recognizing it’s inhuman past could be a move in the right direction which is the descendants of the US Africans slaves receiving reparations.

Happy Juneteenth