Living In West Africa “As A Black American”

The gigantic change in my life was leaving the USA and the job I had for half a decade and living in West Africa. As a Black American living in the Black Mecca it was a culture shock. I had always wanted to live in Africa because, it is the place of my ancestors origins. Moving helped me to realized that my life was not as fulfilling as I liked it to be and what I was missing was the little treasures in life like happy smiling people. This new environment created a new mindset for me which helped to gain more fulfillment and purpose out of life. This new fulfillment made me feel more valued, highly respected, and more memorizing to people all because, I followed my dream to live in Africa with my sweetheart.

The ride to the village was about 8 hours from where we were living. I got car sick with nausea on the village journey but, I survived and I was happy to meet my African family who is actually my significant other Tobi biological family. I met his grandmother for the first time and I was very happy to see a genuine authentic elderly 94 year old African lady the first wife to Tobi grandfather alive and still well. I learned a lot from Tobi family they welcomed me with open arms into my new role as Olori.

The first thing I would like to say is living in a different country help me to get a happier outlook on life. I was stuck in a dead end job feeling like I was going no where in life. In the United States I felt like the average joe working and trying to stay ahead of the curb in life and always feeling like the hamster running on a spinning wheel. Then I moved to the motherland and I found out what really matters in life and that is being happy and enjoying each day you have to live.

The West Africans treated me so well I Thank God that they came into my life they taught me so much about myself and helped me to discover a new path in life which is always never forgetting that the small things in life give you the most beauty. I felt so honored and privilege to have people who were happy to see me and people who appreciated me as a Black American coming to their country. This gave me strength to know that I made the correct choice of leaving my old life behind. I feel like a new woman.