Life After Covd-19 “A New World”

Tangela Stephens

Hello to all of my family, friends, and fans. I missed everyone it has officially been years since I created a blog post. However if you really like my lifestyle stories you can follow me on Facebook. I know telling people to follow you on social media seems so cliche but, it is the the truth. I found out more about people lives on social media than in real life situations. Flashforward to 2021 and I would like to tell you about my new path I decided to take in life. I feel like COVD created a new way for me to think and live.

So when the Covd-19 first hit in March 0f 2020 I had already had a plan to make a gigantic change in my life. My plans were put on hold for a few months but, I overcame it I was determined not to let a…

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