Working From Home In Paradise

Every since I have been a teenager I have always thought about moving to anther country and living abroad. I notice forgein exchange students coming to USA and it made me ponder on what it would be like to live in a place like China, Mexico, or The United Kingdom. Well with the conorovirus going on I read some where on an online article that Americans can get a 12 month work resdince in anther country if you work from home.

So I am thinking about working from home and going to live on a beautiful island. It would be so magical to me to wake up in the morning having my morning latte while gazing at miles of clear blue waters and white sand. I can hear the waves in my mind crashing on shore. I could do my morning walk and evening walk along the shore of dolphins swimming and sea creators hibernating.

I could grill fish on the beach and have a great time soaking up the sun while drinking smoothies. I would not have to drive to work or figure out what to wear the next day. No office drama or a boss watching me like I am incompetent.

I am praying that my dream life will come true me living on a fancy island in a nice condo on the beach.