The Big Island

In 2017 I got experience the beautiful island of Hawaii. I remember flying in and being memorized by the alluring natural landscape and the tropical plants. I had only been praying to see Hawaii for about 5 years but, for some reason I could never get to the place.

One day a friend of mines asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I said without hesitation go to Hawaii. Then within that next hour he had me a flight booked and a itinerary . Needless to say that was my best birthday present ever. The most interesting thing that I learned was how the USA acquired Hawaii which was through deceit and manipulation.

Other than that I had a great and enjoyable time I got to see the bottom of the ocean on a submarine. I went hiking in the forest to see a waterfall and got caught in a the rain. I walked through Diamond Park where the bomb was droped over 50 years ago.

It was also interesting to see the native food being on the McDonald’s menu I order a lobster sandwich. I love Hawaii with a passion it my dream to go see it again.