Graduation: I am a College Graduate

I never thought about going to college it was something I thought smart people did with that being said it was a long journey for but, I was determined to finish. That wasn’t to insult me own intelligence but, I was an average student I did just enough to get by. I didn’t have anyone pushing me to be a wiz kid. (LOL) I just saw myself as an okay student. Then my senior year I deiced to test myself and see what I really just average on did I need to apply myself more. Well at the end of that experience I mad the A & B honor roll so that was my motivation to attempt high education.

At the age of 17 after that experience I became a bright eyed young lady and felt that I could accomplish anything so I went to a good university. I had a dream of becoming a psychologist. My goal was to study psychology so I could cure all the nuts in my family. (LOL Just Kidding) I starting doing extremely well and then I let people get into my head. Then they tiny bit of confidence I had to believe in myself with down to zero so I began to question myself and my abilities.

So I began to switch major change schools and I found myself 5 years in the game of going and quiting and still not close to acheving my dream of becoming a college graduate.

Then I came to a point in my life where I put on my big girl britches and said I will do it and I can do it. I took on a second job to pay off my previous balances it took me a year and I felt like I was still getting no where.

After that anther blow came and the school told me I didn’t qualified for financial aide. It was no way I could afford tuition and the other basic necessities of life.

However, I did not let that stop me I enrolled anyway. The day before my payment was due I called my former employer and told them about my situation and asked if I could come back to work for them. My old boss said they went out bussiness and sorry they couldn’t help me. I was devastated and I felt like I could crawl under a rock. The school said that could give extension but, if I didn’t have the money on the deadline they would drop all of my classes.

As I was lying in bed with a damaged ego and discouraged mindset I got a call from the old boss and he said he had check for me to cover all my tuition for all the semesters so I could graduate.

That was a miracle from GOD and now until forever I will be able to say that I am a college graduate. My future children and grandchildren will be able to say that I was a college graduate. #Horray