Domino’s in Lagos, Nigeria

After seeing all the real live food I felt like I was apart of the food revolution back from the early 2000’s. I love how the Nigerian eat everything is so fresh and health. However you all know that I am a junk food alcoholic. I can’t a day without my good old process food food I craved something fried, greasy, cheese, and crunchy anything the doctors say don’t eat it I wanted it.

When I saw a Domino’s Pizza I was exuberant it was like I won the Billion Dollar Powerball in the lottery. So I looked at the menu it was totally different from what I normally see and the pictures were super small. I was like like 20,00 Nario for this and that umm this sounds like a lot of money. (LOL)

Long story short I ordered a small pizza and it was totally disappointing I don’t know what type of ingredients they used but, even the pizza taste healthy.

So I did my the next best thing I went to an ice cream shop check out the next story on Ice Cream in Nigeria.

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