The Man Who Capture My Heart

I arrived at the airport in a foreign land that I’ve only heard stories about. On the outside I appeared to be calm and relaxed but, on the inside I was nervous as ever. I saw him from afar and I become paralyzed with fear. There he goes the man who stole my heart and turn it into putty.

I can’t believe I took that 2 day flight all for a man I only talked to online through Facebook and Google Voice. Seeing his face his beautiful hair his stance and how confident he appeared my insecurities kick in.

Thoughts of self-doubt and what if’s what if I don’t look beautiful to him, what if I he thinks I am lame, what if I am not what he thought.

He embraced me with his loving words and told me I look great. His family being there was such an honor to me.

I can’t remember a time I felt this happy I don’t recall a man ever giving me a since of peace being in his presences. Here I was feeling happy but, in my mind I trained myself to hide my happiness because, I know at any given moment someone will attempt to take it from me.

However it was no gimmick no I got you jokes no playing games it was just him being totally organic and true.  I am so taken back by his realness and the way he and him family work together.

I made a vow in my head to do anything and everything for this man he has 100% of my respect.

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