My Disney World Experience


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I had the privilege of going to Disney World and meeting Mickey Mouse which has been my lI remember watching the championship basketball games with my brothers and guy cousins and at the end of the game the team that won star player would always say they are going Disney World.

And I would say say Mama I want to go to Disney World. Well flashback 20 years later and what do you know I really got to go.

Well I wish I could of stayed longer me and my friends are playing a trip to go back to Disney World.

If you go get there early parking is $20 and the parking lot doesn’t have a shuttle you have to walk to the entrance.

Also you are aloud to bring snacks in your bag pack and don’t bring a selfies stick because they are not allowed in the park.

Lastly you need at least 3 days to see everything it’s miles and miles of fun. It cost $100 to get in but, it so wroth it. Dreams Do Come True



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