You Can Learn From Strange People

Part 3 You Can Learn From Strange People  

Let’s see this is what I thought was strange about this dude and what I learned.

*He was reading all these books but, nothing was chaining his profits were still low and his business was picking up.

—What I learn from him was that you can read information but, you got to act on it. I was kind of like him reading studying but, not applying things hanging out him really made me start applying and impelling new ideas in my life.


*He was always talking about the same thing over and over

—-What I learned from him was when your talking about the same thing over and over and never do it that is a confidence issues. What your really  saying is that you don’t believe  you can do it because if you did you would have done it already or be making a plan to do it.

*Lastly he was always wanting to hang out with me and talk to me

—–What I learned for that was he wanted me he asked me to be his woman. He said will you be my  girlfriend because,  I like you and I wouldn’t be doing all these things for a woman I”m interested in. I was like OMG I thought we were just friends but, you want a relationship with me.