Surviving Dsyfuncatioal Family for The Hoildays

A lot of people have ignorant families and avoid them through out the year. If you don’t have a valued excuse by this Thursday it looks like you could be in the midst of a lot nuts. Hopefully you want be the nut out of the bunch. Check Out these tips for checking out confusions. 

  1. Don’t bring a big bottle of liquor to the holiday if you know Uncle Sam has a problem with drinking. If gets drunk like usual and cause a scene at least you want be blamed.
  2. If you know you have a sister or cousin that spread lies and gossip who basically thrive off drama keep the conversation neutral. Ask her about pet dog not about why she told your ex-husband your child wasn’t his.
  3. If your Mom or Dad has done something devastating to you in life like took your roller skates back to the store to buy drugs or alcohol. Don’t confront them then chances are they don’t care
  4. That related that shows up with a different date each year don’t call them a “HO” just be nice and friendly. Not to friendly chances are they are insecure that’s why they hop from person to person.
  5. If you have a real ignorant crazy family instead of going home for the holidays just go volunteer at the soup kitchen. Chances are you least likely to feel like shit when you leave.

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