Achieve Your Goals “You don’t have to Explain Anything” Just Do It


Mission Accomplished every time I achieve a goal I give myself a mental standing ovation
“I image I’m standing out on a platform and I’m looking out into the crowds of millions of people and I see people cheering me on and celebrating my success.

This give me more gratification than telling someone about my goal achievement and expecting them to be HAPPY for me. From experience I’ve learned that a lot people are not happy for you as they claim.

So that’s why you have to celebrate yourself alone. Honestly I would rather be by myself and happy then be around a lot of pretenders.

Well I hope that help somebody.

Thought for today when you are doing great and feeling happy about yourself look for the reaction of people who claim they for you. People who are really HAPPY for you celebrate your success.

Lastly the number rule of the game don’t tell people show them.

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