Friends Who Are Foe’s “Cut Your Loses and Move On”


It was a very awkward situation I reached out to someone whom I felt like was a half way decent friend but, once I met up with that person my first thought  said “I should of followed my first mind.”  My first mind told me to never talk to her again and delete her out  of my contacts and off my Facebook page. Since then I have.

Have this ever happened to you. You want to be friends with someone but, it’s a strange feeling that you get which say’s stay away from them.

Follow your first mind.

I was so mad at myself for attempting to have a relationship with someone who obvious didn’t like me. She was making all the side ways comments. It took everything in me to not drop to her level as a hater.

Detecting a Friend or Foe

  1. Follow Your First Mind if You Get A Strange Vibe Follow it.
  2.  “Don’t Be Silent”  Tell Them How You Feel
  3. Your always sharing information about you but, they never share anything about them
  4. Not Happy for Your Success
  5. You always doing things for them but, can’t get nothing out of them
  6. Criticize Your Life
  7. By now if you can’t tell this is a Foe you need to seek a counselor


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