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Happiness Is or Isn’t a Choice “It Your Focus”


All my life I have heard that happiness is a choice. Do you believe that I don’t know sometimes I feel like how could you be happy driving a beat up car, or how could you be happy being single, or who would be happy being poor.

In all honesty I kind of think happiness is all about choice of what you focus on. For example if your poor and don’t have any money if you keep focusing on lack and what you don’t have of course that’s going to make you unhappy.

However, if you start to focusing on the fact Okay I don’t have very much money but, let me go and find a job then I could use that job as a stepping stone to buy books to learn how to start a business or something. You see how your focus can determine your happiness.

It’s kind of strange and common sense all in one but, this little techniques really do work.

When I find myself upset about something or feeling super pissed about what someone did or said to me. I say to myself not out loud but, mentally “Tan it’s a million people in the U.S. why would you allow what one person said to get you upset. Secondly, why are you limited yourself to others opinions of you just forget about them move on it anther million people out there who love you and like you.

And when people have that type of attitude it’s amazing how your personality changes, how enthusiastic you will feel, and how you still have ¬†passion to purse your goals.

I hope that message will help someone remember happiness is a choice it’s all about what you focus on.